Why Register with a Top Ranked Search Firm?

By | July 16, 2017

Executives and professionals who are currently unemployed, may be seeking new challenges, or are anticipating the company to downsize typically register with a recruiting agency to find a new position. Companies across industries are more likely to contract with an agency to fill vacant top level positions than advertise for candidates. The process saves time and money for the company, as well as maintains a low profile regarding open positions. A vacant top level position leaves a company vulnerable to hostile takeovers, lower pricing on the stock market, and bold moves on the part of the competition. Filling positions quickly and quietly are areas of expertise for agencies.

Registering with a Top ranked search firm increases opportunities for candidates, which may help secure a rewarding position faster than registering with a small or strictly regional agency. Top ranked agencies usually have a global reach because they are utilized by companies internationally, as well as nationally. That provides an added advantage for executives who wish to relocate, are interested in international business, or are open to all possibilities. Being included in the database of top agencies broadens the horizons for professionals. They will be considered first as the agency seeks suitable candidates for each new contract. It is only after registered candidates are reviewed does a new search begin, if necessary. Filling positions with registered candidates takes less time, which saves the agency money and increases customer satisfaction.

Another advantage is candidate training and support. While registered with a top ranked firm, professionals have access to interview strategies and practice, are updated on the latest trends in their specific industry, and have the opportunity to learn new skills needed for future goals and challenges. New procedures, techniques, policies, or cultures are emerging all the time in management and leadership theories and practices. It is not always possible for professionals and executives to keep track of what the newest competitors are trying. They are too busy forwarding the interests and goals of the companies for which they have worked, or are currently working. A top firm will assist professionals in acquiring the new skills necessary to be marketable in a particular industry.